"Molecular Visualization & Animation"- Janet Iwasa; "Life Science Visualization" - Bang Wong

July 31, 2008
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Halligan 111A
Speaker: Janet Iwasa & Bang Wong, Janet Iwasa, Harvard Medical School Dept. of Cell Biology , Bang Wong, Creative Director, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
Host: Michael Halle


COMP0150CC Foundations in Visualization Guest Lecture

We are lucky to have these two great researchers to talk about their work in life science visualization. Members of the Tufts community are invited to attend.

Janet Iwasa: "Molecular Visualization & Animation"

How do biologists visualize cells and molecules? I will give an overview of a number of different methods that have been used in laboratories to "see" cells and molecules, and some of the shortcomings of these methods. Recently, biologists have started utilizing 3d animation software from the entertainment industry to create molecular movies of biological processes that synthesize this rich biological data. I will present some of my efforts in molecular animation, and discuss some techniques and challenges I've faced.

Bang Wong: "Life Science Visualization"

Bang Wong will discuss his experience working with researchers at MIT and Harvard's Broad Institute to visualize and understand complex genomic and biology data.