Tisch College Colloquium: "Complexity of the Future and Governance"

November 13, 2008
11:00a - 12:15p
Rabb Room, Filene Hall
Speaker: Johannes Meier, Executive Board, Bertelsmann Foundation


Holder of a doctorate in computer science and a fascinating interdisciplinary entrepreneur, Dr. Meier is a pioneer in using computer-based visualization of data to motivate and guide fresh leadership initiatives by all sectors. Last May at Tufts he gave a very engaging demonstration of his work, addressing the topic "Demographic Change from a European Perspective." He concluded that earlier presentation with a call for "adaptive leadership." He returns to explore that theme further and to share his work-in- progress. He will reflect on the open nature of the future and key challenges -- individual and collectively -- in dealing with the increasing complexity of society. He will then analyze deficits in our current governance mechanisms and suggest strategies of adaptive leadership and new approaches to governance.