The Windows Server User Experience for IT Professionals

April 9, 2009
2:50 pm - 4:00 pm
Halligan 106


About Windows Server: Information technology (IT) and systems management is the fastest growing business at Microsoft. We believe that developing a goo user experience is our competitive advantage in the IT management space. Optimizing the user experience (UX) speeds adoption of our technologies through tools that customers prefer to use.

Windows Server a network infrastructure operating system for Windows networks. There are several roles of servers such as: directory services, terminal server/services, networking (e.g., DHCP, DNS), and file servers.


Paul ElRif is a Tufts alumnus. He holds degrees from Ohio University, The University of Dayton, and Tufts University. He is the user experience (UX) lead on Microsoft’s Windows Server product. Paul began as an intern at Microsoft in 1994 and became a full time employee in 1998. Previous to Microsoft he worked on printer drivers at Hewlett Packard. He’s also been a professional welder.

In Thursday’s talk Paul will describe some of the UX work his team has done on Windows Server. He will also talk a little bit about PowerShell. PowerShell is a new scripting language designed specifically for managing Windows and applications running on Windows.

In his time away from work, Paul enjoys swimming, woodworking, and gardening. He tends to the needs of over 40 rose bushes.