Research Talk: Concept Map Based Integration of Archaeological Data

April 6, 2010
Halligan 111a
Speaker: Rashmi Singhal


Archaeologists use different data models, often designed to reflect the specific needs of their excavations and research, to record primary data. This site-specific approach to data recording increases difficulties during integration. Without integration, archaeological research and education is hampered by limited or difficult access to primary data. A major component in data integration is correctly identifying all mappings between two datasets. In this thesis, we describe an innovative approach to solving this problem through the use of concept maps to represent the relevant ontology. We illustrate our approach through its application to integrate data from two archaeological databases, creating an accurate representation of all of the data integration mappings. Concept maps can be described using XML, a format easily utilized by software applications to automate data integration in the future. Concept maps are not archaeology-specific, so this process can likely be applied to data integration in other domains.