Porting _Adventure_ to Curveship

October 14, 2010
2:50 pm - 4:00 pm
Halligan 111


will discuss my interactive fiction system Curveship, which is designed to allow automatic narrative variation - that is, computer-controlled, parametric changes in the way the story is told. While all interactive fiction provides for computer control over the simulated world, the underlying _story_ or _content,_ Curveship is the first to offer extensive, systematic facilities for controlling the _discourse_ or _expression._ After explaining why ports of games can be culturally interesting, I will focus on my Curveship port of the canonical first interactive fiction by Will Crowther and Don Woods, _Adventure._ My version, _Adventure in Style,_ is an unusual if not unprecedented project, combining aspects of Raymond Queneau's book _Exercises in Style_ with the famous game. It was undertaken to help me complete Curveship, as a demo of the system, and as an project that would independently be of interest to the interactive fiction and electronic literature communities.