A Cryogenic Thermal Simulator and Computer Simulations for Low Thermophotovoltaic Cells

September 23, 2010
3:00 pm
SciTech room 136
Speaker: Dante Demeo


A cryogenic thermal simulator was designed and constructed for testing low temperature (80K to 400K) thermophotovoltaic cells, which convert infrared radiation into electricity. The simulator consists of a high vacuum chamber, a custom designed liquid nitrogen cooling system, a heated sample stage, and a calibrated blackbody radiator. The system is evaluated based on the performance of its component systems. Band structure computer simulations are also presented to show the potential of type-II strained layer superlattice nanostructures for use in thermophotovoltaic cells. A review of the field of thermophotovoltaics is provided as well as explanations of numerous tools and methods used in the development and testing of thermophotovoltaic cells.