Visual Analytics Research at Tufts

January 27, 2011
2:50 pm - 4:00 pm
Halligan 111
Speaker: Jordan Crouser, Michael Degatano, Samuel Li, Jingjing Liu, Tufts University


The colloquium this week will be presented by four graduate students at Tufts who are working on research projects relating to visual analytics. Jordan Crouser will present work on the analysis of agent-based modeling of political conflicts using temporal graphs. Michael Degatano will present his project on correlating visualization and interaction provenance with resource consumption in the operating system. Samuel Li (with Garth Griffin) will present a project on using phylogenetic tree analysis to identify and map out the boundary of creativity and design space of hierarchical visualizations. Finally, Jingjing Liu will present her project on semi-automated discovery of distance functions by combining machine learning with interactive visual interfaces.

These projects are continuations of the students' final projects from last semester's course "Topics in Visual Analytics." Each student will have 10-12 minutes to present their work, and will be seeking comments and feedback on their project at the end of the talk.