Quals Research Talk: Pointing Performance of the Xbox 360 Controller, Wii Remote, And Mouse

April 6, 2012
Halligan 127
Speaker: Dan Afergan, Tufts University
Host: Rob Jacob


This research compares three very different input devices using Fitts’ Law and path analysis. Participants in a study used a mouse, Xbox 360 controller, and Nintendo Wii remote to point at and select target regions. Our intent was to determine how the Wii remote andXbox 360 controller performed in a standard pointing task while the mouse was used to provide a baseline. In addition, we also look at path performance metrics and analyze different forms of Fitts' Law. more robust measures of index of difficulty and throughput.

Dynamic UAV Interface using Brain Measures to Modulate Workload Modern UAV interfaces provide a number of tasks to the operator without considering the amount of workload associated with these tasks. We present an interface that uses fNIRS to determine the amount of short-term memory that an operator is using, and keeps the operator engaged by preventing boredom and overload.