Named Data Networking: An extended tour with some research results

January 29, 2015
2:50 pm - 4:00 pm
Halligan 102
Speaker: Dave Oran, Cisco
Host: Fahad Dogar


Named Data Networking is one of the leading candidates for a successful approach to Information Centric Networking. In this talk I give an overview of the key architectural and protocol features of NDN and the various tradeoffs that are embodied in the design. To illustrate some of the interesting research problems I give a summary of the areas of work and the results we have obtained in our work at Cisco over the last couple of years or working on NDN.

Speaker Bio:

David Oran is a Fellow at Cisco Systems. His technical interests lie in the areas of Quality of Service, Internet multimedia, routing, and security. He was part of the original team that started Cisco's Voice-over­-IP business in 1996 and helped grow it into a multi-­billion dollar revenue stream. He is currently working on adaptive bitrate video over IP networks, and advanced research on Information Centric Networks.

Prior to joining Cisco, Mr. Oran worked in the network architecture group at Digital Equipment, where he designed routing algorithms and a distributed directory system. Mr. Oran has led a number of industry standards efforts. He was a member of the Internet Architecture Board, co­-chair of the Speech Services working group, and served a term as area director for Routing in the IETF. He was on the board of the SIP Forum from its inception through 2008. He also serves on the technical advisory boards of a number of venture­-backed firms in the networking and telecommunication sectors. Mr. Oran has a B.A. in English from Haverford College.