Fall 2015 Course Descriptions

COMP 150-04 Game Theory

P. Chin
TR 6:00p-7:15p, Lane Hall 100A
N+ Block

Game theory is a field of applied mathematics that describes and analyzes interactive decision-making when two or more parties are involved. It has been applied to many fields, including economics, political science, foreign policy, and engineering. This course will serve both as an introduction to as well as a survey of applications of game theory. We will first give a somewhat historical introduction to game theory and will start with basic 2-person zero sum games, adding an increasing amount of complexity and discussing some well-known examples. After covering the mathematical foundational work, we will examine various real-world situations. Further attention will be given to the meaning and the computation complexity of finding of Nash equilibrium.

Prerequisite: Restricted to CS Major and (junior or senior) standing or Post-Bac in CS or graduate student in CS. Math 41 required.

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