Spring 2016 Course Descriptions

COMP 250-01 Visualization Seminar

R. Chang
T 3:00-6:00p, Halligan Hall 111B

Visual analytics is the science of combining interactive visual interfaces and information visualization techniques with automatic algorithms to support analytical reasoning through human-computer interaction. People use visual analytics tools and techniques to synthesize information and derive insight from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting data, and to communicate their findings effectively for decision-making. This course assumes the student to have some knowledge in building interactive visual interfaces (in 2D or 3D), and will examine recent papers in perceptual theories, cognitive principles, data storage methods, and interactive machine learning techniques related to using visualizations to analyze and explore data. The goal of the course is to gain an understanding of the state-of-the-art in these areas and to identify potential new research projects and directions.

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