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A work such as this is not the work of any individuals, but the product of an intellectual community of thinkers all willing to look beyond the obvious. We are indebted to every member of that community who stopped by for awhile to talk about the issues. Scott Pustay and John Hart were both willing ears as we initially developed these ideas. When things started taking shape, Michael Gilfix stepped in with many good ideas, applications, and even source code; the current neatness of Maelstrom is his doing. Our tireless system administrators Andy Davidoff and Shawn Doughty contributed both thought and problems we could try to solve. Ambrose Kofi Laing provided valuable references on combinatorics. David Krumme helped with last-minute checking of typesetting and technical results. Mark Burgess, Frode Eika Sandnes, and Adam Moskowitz all provided valuable feedback on the paper and its ideas. Max Ben-Aaron provided valuable suggestions for copy editing and prose. All of these people, not just ourselves, created and nurtured this idea - and we all draw strength from the community we have formed, together.

Alva L. Couch