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I am an avid amateur landscape photographer working in 35mm, medium format, and 4x5. Remarkably for a Computer Science professor, in the past I worked mainly with film and employed a minimum of electronics in pursuing this pastime. Time (as well as the lack of a transparency scanner) permits only a small sampling of past work.

For my current digital photography, see Picasa page.

Fall 1995, Washington Grove, MD

Three images on a quiet Sunday morning lead to a suprising conclusion, as a jogging trail ends abruptly in a wall of hay. Fuji GS690-III, Ilford Delta 400, 1/125 sec at f/22, handcolored with transparent oils.

Summer 1995, the White Mountains

A lone hiker bares all to Mount Madison, just a few feet from the Madison hut and oblivious to a regular stream of onlookers. Fuji GW645, Kodak Pro 400, 1/125 sec at f/22.

Edmund's Col, looking toward Mount Adams.

View North from the Mount Adams ridge.

Summer 1995, New Hampshire and Maine (Lakes Region)

A covered bridge, near ME route 25 and `decorated' with graffiti, is a favorite haunt of local teenagers.

A quiet roadside stream on Pleasant Valley road, Wolfeboro, NH.

Plants attempt a foothold on top of Bald Knob, Moultonborogh, NH

Fall 1994, Wingarsheek beach

A small stream forms as the tide rushes out.

Sunset brings out the detail in a large tidepool.

Sand isn't always sandy; my footprints in a muddy, silty sand were deep as my calves.

Elizabeth, my spouse of 23 years, standing on a suprising, natural tidepool formation. Fuji GW645, Ilford HP-5, Handcolored with transparent oils in Fall '95.

Fall 1994

An abandoned fort at Fort Point, Nahant.

Sunset at the Nahant Fort brings out detail in the surrounding rocks and blues the Atlantic.

The same view as the first Nahant picture, but at an earlier time and in an earlier light.

A broken railing intrudes upon Marconi State reservation on Cape Cod, MA.

Fall 1993, Rhode Island

An abandoned fort near Newport, RI begins the process of reclamation. What graffiti cannot do, lime seepage can.

Wind-swept emplacements such as this one gradually crumble back into dust.

Alva L. Couch > Arts ( )
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