MATH/COMP 61: In Person: Summer 2022
Discrete Mathematics
Summer 2022


Special optional bonus lecture on graph coloring and planar graphs will be held on Thursday, Sept 1 at 1:30pm in JCC Rm 402. Come if you are around and interested--

Important update on July 4!! Prof. Cowen is quarantining at home this week (July 5 and 7) and lectures will be virtual. We are planning to project either from our regular classroom, or possibly from a different classroom (in which case there will be a note on the board where we've moved) that has better zoom support. Or you can just join individually on your laptop. (Note that the zoom link requires a password. As usual, the password is the creature Alice met who lies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (all lowercase letters)). Here is the zoom link:

In preparation for your first exam: we will not be able to get graded HW4 back to you in time for you to study from it. So I sketched some partial solutions and you can download this Here.

Because of Juneteenth (observed) there are no in-person TA office hours on campus on Monday, June 20. Instead, TA Lucas Souza will host a virtual office hour on zoom at the usual time (Monday at 1pm) if you have questions. Here is the zoom link, which requires a password!! The password is again the creature Alice met who lies on MOndays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (all lowercase letters):


TA office hours on Wednesday at 1pm have been switched to virtual. Here is the zoom link, which requires a password!!! The password is the creature Alice met who lies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (all lowercase letters):

The version of HW2 that was handed out gave page numbers in Book of Proof from the online PDF. The page numbers in the hardcopy book itself are page 50 and page 52. The PDF for HW2 has been updated to reflect this fact.

This is Discrete Mathematics: In Person Section for Summer 2022. If you are in one of the online sections, it has a different instructor, a different webpage, and we are using a different textbook!

Instructor: Lenore Cowen
Office: Joyce Cumming Center, RM 323 ;cowen AT;
Office Hours: TTh 10-10:30am or email me for an appt.
Lectures: TTh 1:30-2:45PM, JCC 402

TA: Lucas Souza
Email: Lucas.Rosa_de_Souza AT
Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-2pm, 4th floor 61 office hours space.

Description: This class covers foundations of discrete mathematics and introduction to proofs. Topics include Propositional Logic, Sets, Relations and Functions, Counting, Graph Theory, and a little bit of Probability and Number Theory.

Textbook: We are using the out of print textbook: Albertson and Hutchinson, Discrete Mathematics with Algorithms. We are using it because it is available entirely free from Joan Hutchinson's webpage:

We are also using the free textbook: Book of Proof, by Richard Hammack, available from:

Grading: Your grade is based on 3 exams plus a takehome final, plus your hw as follows. Your grade is based on e1+e2+e3+f+f, except you get to drop the lowest of the 3 scores (final is 2 scores). Your hw can pull your grade up or down by a 1/2 letter (for example, A- can go to A or B+ or stay A-, based on your HW performance)

HW assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day they are assigned, but can be handed in up to 10am the next morning in the instructor's mailbox in CS dept headquarters (4th floor in the JCC) without penalty (Or slid under the door of room 323 if it is after hours, clearly marked with your name). Except for this short grace period you must get permission 48 hours in advance due to illness or extraordinary circumstance to hand in late hw without penalty. HW handed in late but not arranged in advance will be subject to a a stiff lateness penalty and/or graded only at the discretion of the instructor and the TA.

HW collaboration policy: It is ok to talk to the Instructor, TA or other students about HW problems, but the final form that you turn in for grading should be written by you alone using your own words. You should not be looking up hw solutions on the Internet. If you have substantially collaborated with other students on a problem, please acknowledge this at the top of your HW sheet, i.e. "I worked with Alex and Robin on problem 10". The write up still needs to be your own. In addition, proofs require careful english explanations-- no credit for correct answers with no justification.

Rough syllabus: (subject to change)

Your takehome exam will be due on Friday, August 12.


  • Homework 1: pdf file (due Tuesday, May 31)
  • Homework 2: pdf file (due Tuesday, June 7)
  • Homework 3: pdf file (due Tuesday, June 14)
  • Homework 4: pdf file (due Tuesday, June 21)
  • Homework 5: pdf file (due Thursday, July 7)
  • Homework 6: pdf file (due Thursday, July 14)
  • Homework 7: pdf file (due Thursday, July 21)
  • Homework 8: pdf file (due Tuesday, August 9)