COMP 167
Computational Biology
Tufts University
FALL 2011


Professor Lenore J. Cowen
Office: Halligan Hall 238
Phone: 617-627-5134 (EMAIL IS PREFERRED: and will average a quicker response)
Office Hours: by appointment (send me email!)

Teaching Assistants:

Teaching Assistant: Jisoo Park

Office: Halligan 107

Office hours: Monday 1-2pm; Wed 6:30-7:30pm

Note: email Jisoo at least 3 hours in advance if you plan to come to her office hour-- if no one emails, she will not be there


Comfort and familiarity with some programming language. No prior biological background is assumed.

Required Text Books:

There are two required textbooks for the class: the set of topics covered will not exactly match the topics covered in the books.

  1. Anna Tramontano \\ Introduction to Bioinformatics Chapman and Hall/CRC (Taylor and Francis Group), 2007.
  2. Marketa Zvelebil and Jeremy O. Baum Understanding Bioinformatics Garland Science (Taylor and Francis Group), 2008.

Grading: grading is based on 5 hw assignments, a short (5 page) ethics paper, and a final document that I'm calling a "project proposal". Due at the end of class, the project proposal is essentially a well-researched proposal for what you could do either next semester or over the summer, that might result in your doing new, published research in a topic of your choice from within computational biology. You may do preliminary studies, initial data analysis, proof of concept as part of this, but this is not strictly required. What is required is a 5-10 page writeup, including a detailed survey of previous work with at least 5 bibliographic references. More guidance to follow over the course of the semester.

Lecture Schedule (tentative) :