Graph Theory
FALL 2007

Instructor: Prof. Lenore Cowen
Halligan 237; 7-5134;;
Office Hours: W 4:00-5:00pm, or by appointment.
Lectures: Thursdays 7:30-10pm in Halligan Hall Rm TBA.

TA: TBA email address will be here ; Office hours TBA.


Grading: Grades will be based on weekly hw assignments, a midterm and a final.

Rough syllabus: (subject to change)

Part I: Classical Topics

Part II: Modern Topics

Prerequisites: Comp 160 OR Comp 170 OR any course in the Tufts mathematics department numbered 100 or above OR permission of the instructor.

Text: Introduction to Graph Theory, 2nd Edition, by Douglas West, xx+588 pages. ISBN 0-13-014400-2. Published in 2001.


  • Homework 1 (due Sept 13 in class)
    Correction In problem 3, G is a simple graph.
  • Homework 2 (due Sept 20 in class)
  • Homework 3 (due Sept 27 in class)
  • Homework 4 (due Oct 4 in class)
  • Homework 5 (due Oct 11 in class)
  • Homework 6 (due Oct 25 in class)
  • Homework 7 (due November 1 in class)
  • Homework 8 (due November 8 in class)
  • Homework 9 (due November 15 in class)
  • Homework 10 (due December 5 in class)

    Take home final exam will be handed out Thursday, December 5th in class and is due Wednesday, December 12th at 5pm either in my mailbox or under my office door.