Eynat Rafalin

I am a software engineer at Google Inc..

Between 2000 and 2006 I was a graduate student and later an NSF-funded postdoctoral associate in the computer science department at Tufts University, conducting research in the field of computational geometry and computational statistics with Prof. Diane Souvaine. This page contains information about my research while at Tufts.


    Computational Statistics & Data depth

    Topological Sweep

    Dynamic Algorithms

  •     Dynamic computation of half-space depth contours

  •     Dynamic computation of the ham-sandwich cut.

    Computational Study of Staged Self-Assembly

    Crossing number for points and segments

    Hinged Dissections of Triangles

    Computational Geometry at Tufts


   Publications and Presentations



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    Computational geometry lecture notes by Dave Mount

    Math World

    Open Problems Project

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Yoav and Noga



Contact information: eynat.rafalin(at)alumni.tufts.edu

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