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Research Interests

My primary area of research lies within the field of computational molecular biology, and more specifically in the field of algorithms for the study of biological networks. I have developed a series of algorithms and techniques that leverage global network topology together with additional information from outside the network to address some of the most fundamental problems in the field, including function prediction, motif discovery, and global network alignment. With my strong background in discrete mathematics, computational complexity, and algorithms, I have been able to find deep graph theoretic structure in these networks that I have been able to exploit to improve the performance of many applications. I did my graduate work in the area of computational complexity and I am still interested in many structural complexity questions, such as, computational complexity of equivalence.


With Mark Crovella at Boston University we are studying novel metric embeddings for global alignment of biological networks.

I have a Tufts Invotates! grant to collaborate with Olaf Damman at Tufts University School of Medice on understanding inflammation and its relationship to premature retinopathy.

I have a Tufts Institiute for Innovation grant with Thomas Stopka at Tufts Medical School to study the epedimiology of hepatitis C.

I am member of the Tufts BCB research group where I frequently collaborate with my CS collegues Donna Slonim and Lenore Cowen. We run joint weekely group meetings for our students. Send me email if you would like to visit us.

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