Research Opportunities For Students

If you are interested in algorithms, grapth theory, and computational complexity and would like to learn how it relates to biology come do research in our lab. We are looking for students at every level.

Some Past Publications With Undergraduates

B. Hescott, M.D.M. Leiserson, L. Cowen, and D. Slonim. “Evaluating Between-Pathway Models with Expression Data”, Journal of Computational Biology, 17 (3) (2010), 443-457

M. Leiserson, D. Tatar, L. Cowen and B. Hescott, “Inferring Mechanisms of Compensation from E-MAP and SGA Data Using Local Search Algorithms for Max Cut”, Journal of Computational Biology, 18 (11) (2011), 1399-1409

A. Gallant , M.D.M. Leiserson , M Kachalov , L. Cowen, and B. Hescott, “Genecentric: A Package to Uncover Graph-theoretic Structure in High-throughput Epistasis Data”, BMC Bioinformatics, 14(23) (2013)

M. Cao, C. Pietras, X. Feng, K. Doroschak, T. Schaeffer, J. Park, H. Zhang, L. Cowen and B. Hescott, “New Directions for Diffusion-Based Network Prediction of Protein Function: Incorporating Pathways with Confidence”, Bioinformatics, 30(12):i219-i227, (2014)

G. Barequet, S. Cannon, E. Fox-Epstein, B. Hescott, D. Souvaine, C. Toth, and A. Winslow, “Diffuse Reflections Diameter in Simple Polygons”, Discrete Applied Mathematics, (2015)

I. Fried, A. Cannistra, C. Carter, A. Piel, M. Crovella, and B. Hescott, “CANDL: Coarsely Aligning Networks with Diffusion and Landmarks”. International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB), Late Breaking Research, 2015

J. Finkelstein and B. Hescott. “Polynomial-time Kernel Reductions”, arXiv,, 2016