Assignment 2
COMP 171

Assignment 2: Preliminary Design

For this assignment, we will begin the design of the system you started planning in the workshop on Planning Your Project. You will perform a user and task analysis to define usability goals of the system, like what you did in Assignment 1 but for your own new system. You will also construct a conceptual model of the system and describe its required functionality through three usage scenarios.


Present your preliminary analysis, including (1) user characteristics, (2) usability goals, and (3) some usage scenarios. Also provide (4) your conceptual model specification. For the conceptual model, you should give the specification using the methodology we have studied (see the templates and examples web page), specifically the conceptual level to specify the set of objects and actions the user needs to know about in order to use the system effectively.

Use tables or bulleted lists where appropriate for the deliverables. Think of your deliverable here and in Assignment 3 as a blueprint that other people would be able to follow in building your system.

As in the previous assignment, please follow the same submission procedure here. The same "team lead" from the first assignment should submit the main write-up for each group assignment.


  1. Project Description: 10 points (a brief overview of what your project is)
  2. User Analysis + Usability Goals: 15 points (see Analyzing a Product workshop and "Assumptions" in Planning Your Project workshop)
  3. Task Analysis: 20 points (see Analyzing a Product workshop)
  4. Functionality + Usage Scenarios: 30 points (at least 3 high-level features well-defined, and 3 scenarios of how they would be used)
  5. Conceptual Level Model: 20 points (see Templates and Examples link)
  6. Individual README.txt File: 5 points