Assignment 3
COMP 171

Assignment 3: Full Design and Specification

For this assignment, hand in your results from the workshop on Specifying Your Design plus the one on Task-Command Analysis.


For text, reports, diagrams, and other materials, please submit your files in PDF if possible, preferably in a single PDF file.

(If your storyboard is paper, please snap a picture and include that in your submission. You can also scan it on the copier in the CS department office.)

Role questions

Engineering Question: Read up on software development estimation -- the process of assigning an approximate number of "man-hours" needed to complete a task or project. Which of the four design specifications do you think best breaks down the requirements for an engineer to form a comprehensive estimate on a project? Explain your rationale, and then use your preferred specification to give a theoretical estimate for the development of your product.

Product Management Question: Evaluate your role thus far as a PM. How do you feel you've navigated contributing your skillset to the project while maintaining your role? In what ways could you improve? Please use examples from your work thus far in class or past experiences.

UX Researcher Question: What are some findings you found from your task-command analysis? What would you recommend to improve the user experience of the product? And in order to make the user documentation clear, which research method would you use to confirm that you are writing content valuable to the users? And why would you choose that method over others?

Product Design Question: What might be a benefit of adding more taps/gestures to a task-command? Can you think of any examples of improving usability by adding taps? And what makes storyboarding effective or ineffective?


  1. Design specification: 20 points
  2. Storyboard: 15 points
  3. Documentation: 5 points
  4. Task-command analysis: 20 points
  5. Role Questions: 40 points