Computer Science 171
Human-Computer Interaction
Spring, 2019

Robert J.K. Jacob
Dept. of Computer Science
Halligan Hall
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Course Work
Course work will consist mainly of projects in which students will design a small user interface, build a prototype, then test it for usability, and refine and study it. Classes will be a mix of lectures and workshop sessions.
Based mainly on homework projects and in-class workshop projects; also on presentations and class discussion. In-class items cannot be made up if you miss them.
Computer Science 15.
Topic Outline and Assignments

1. Introduction to Human-computer Interaction

2. Methodology for Designing User-computer Interfaces

3. Sketching and Designing User Interfaces

4. Prototyping User Interfaces

5. Testing and Evaluating User Interfaces

6. Guidelines and Criteria for Designing User Interfaces

7. Interaction Styles

8. Basic Interaction Tasks, Techniques, and Devices

9. Experiments

10. Models and Theories

11. Visual Performance and Graphic Design

12. Research in Human-Computer Interaction and New Interaction Techniques

13. Project Wrap-up