Subject: Help Improve Tufts' Technology by Joining our team of Testers!

Date: January 31, 2018 at 9:58:06 AM EST

To: "" <>


Dear Tufts Faculty and Staff,


Tufts Technology Services (TTS) is building a team of community members who are interested in periodically participating in research studies and/or testing of technology products and services and we want YOU to join us


We are looking for a wide range of faculty, staff, and students from all schools and departments, who have used technology services at Tufts – whether applying to Tufts online, booking meeting rooms on campus, conducting a class or meeting remotely, or in any other capacity – and have an interest in sharing their experiences to make these services better, to become a part of our research/testers by adding your contact information to our research participant database using this form.


TTS is committed to making the experience of faculty, staff, and students better by providing technology solutions that make it easier to get your work done.  Our team of designers and developers are creating, testing, and implementing new solutions all the time and often need end users, like you, to help us with research and testing. This research participant database will build a pool of community members who are interested in participating if/when testing situations arise.


Thank you for considering this opportunity to help improve the community’s experience with technology at Tufts. If you want more information about what it means to be part of the research participant database, see below.



TTS Communications

(on behalf of the TTS Planning and Design Team)



Still have questions? This might help…

1.       What does filling out this survey require me to do?

2.       How often will I be contacted?

A couple of times a year, at most.

3.       What does it mean to participate in research studies?

The nature of the research study will vary based on needs for a particular project. The most common and likely scenarios are:

4.       If I am contacted for a research study, does that mean I HAVE to do it?

No, but we would be extremely grateful if you would! We will reach out to those people that best fit our needs for the study and will be as flexible as possible with scheduling and locations. You can always decline to participate in a study if it doesn’t fit in your schedule.  

5.       How long will this community commitment last?

As the Tufts community changes each year, so will our research community. The current community will run from Jan 2018 through the end of the calendar year. A new request will be sent out each year to refresh the database.  

6.       What’s in it for me? What do I get out of the community?

7.       How do I sign up again?

Fill out this survey