Brain Computer Interface Class

Final project

Description of the system

As we've discussed in class, you will be designing a brain-computer interface.  This system should be based on the technology (fNIRS and EEG) and past experiments from our research lab. The system may be a piece of a larger system, or a standalone project.  The main criteria is that it is something that could be built with the resources in our lab in a short amount of time, and that we would be able to evaluate its effectiveness.

We have had several brainstorming sessions, and now your assignment is to think deeper about one of the systems we have discussed. There will be two parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Due December 1

2 pages minimum, single space

You will describe your system, and answer as many of the following questions as you can. We will then discuss the projects more specifically in class.

Come to class on December 1st with at least 3 points you would like to discuss (e.g. help with justifying the brain signal measured, literature review, components necessary, etc.).

Part 2: Due December 10
Finally, you will be expected to expand the description of the system with the newly acquired information from our discussion.

Write a description of the system you would like to create. Please try to answer the following questions in your description:

About the system

About the brain

About the experiment for evaluating the system

Please provide a paper drawing of the interface in the description.

Use the appropriate literature to justify your hypothesis. You can use papers read in class, or new ones. Please provide a bibliography.