How to Submit Your Programs

You should submit your source code and readme instructions file using the provide command on our Unix network.

The readme file is a text file that includes instructions for compiling and using your program. If you have provided special features or design, also include in this file a brief description what you have done.

Name your Java class that has the main program in it Main, in file, so that we can compile and run your program by typing: javac ; java Main And name your readme file readme

If you wrote your program on another machine, first you will need to upload it to (which is a linux computer) and then use the provide command to send it. You will need an account on the Computer Science department Unix computers, which most of you already have. If you don't, just ask the system staff ( to give you one. Then you should connect to host with ssh or another similar program.

To use provide from one of the Unix computers, first collect the files you wish to submit, typically your .java files, the readme file, and any image files your program uses. Then go to the directory where you have them and type provide comp86 a1 YOUR FILES HERE where a1 is for assignment 1, a2 for assignment 2, etc., and YOUR FILES HERE are the names of the files you want to submit. You can use Unix filename globbing (e.g., *.java readme) if you like. (You don't have to run your Java program on Unix, you only have to use it to submit your files for grading.)


Submit your homework by the due date and time. We will deduct 10% if it is submitted past the deadline and another 10% for each week after that.