HCI Faculty at Tufts

Marina Bers, Child Development Department

Educational technology, new technologies for mental health care, collaborative virtual environments for young children and teachers, impact of new technologies for personal, social and moral development, design of innovative human-computer interfaces for learning and teaching, use of technology in hospitals, museums, schools and communities.

Remco Chang, Computer Science Department

Visual analytics, information visualization, computer graphics

Richard Chechile, Psychology Department

Formal models of cognition, human memory processes of storage and retrieval, decision making, human factors of the person-computer interaction, statistics

Alva L. Couch, Computer Science Department

Visualization, parallel computing, computer graphics, parallel program debugging and performance analysis, software systems development, configuration management, qualitative research, information science

Lisa Neal Gualtieri, Health Communication Program, School of Medicine

Dan Hannon, Mechanical Engineering Department

James Intriligator, Mechanical Enginering Department

Human factors, design thinking, marketing, perception, entrepreneurial education.

Robert J.K. Jacob, Computer Science Department

New human-computer interaction modes and techniques, brain-computer interfaces, adaptive user interfaces, tangible user interface, virtual environments, user interface software, information visualization.

Matthias Scheutz, Computer Science Department

Human-robot interaction, cognitive science

Holly Taylor, Psychology Department

Spatial cognition, including spatial memory, spatial language, and influence of information format on mental representation; temporal memory and representation.

Nathan Ward, Psychology Department

Applied cognition, multitasking, task switching, dual tasking

Michael Wicklund, Mechanical Enginering Department

Human factors engineering, ergonomic aspects of software interfaces, medical user interfaces.

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