Workshop Speakers

A. Frameworks and Surveys

Steven Feiner
Columbia University
On Beyond GUI
[paper] [slides]
Hiroshi Ishii
MIT Media Laboratory
Tangible User Interfaces
[paper] [slides]
Eva Hornecker
University of Sussex, UK and University of Canterbury, New Zealand
An Encompassing View on Tangible Interaction: A Framework
[paper] [slides]
Lars Erik Holmquist
Viktoria Institute, Sweden
From "Human-Computer Interaction" to "The Use and Design of Digital Artefacts"
[paper] [slides]
George Fitzmaurice
Autodesk, Toronto
What is the Next Generation of Human-Computer Interaction?
[paper] [slides]
Scott R. Klemmer
Stanford University
Bjorn Hartmann, Stanford University
Leila Takayama, Stanford University
Interaction Design for Active Bodies: Two Themes
[paper] [slides]

B. Broader Perspectives, Psychological Considerations

Jim Hollan
University of California, San Diego
Opportunities and Challenges for HCI Design and Research
[paper] [slides]
David Kieras
University of Michigan
Matching Human Abilities and Limitations: The Basis for Better Future User Interfaces
[paper] [slides]
Steven M. Drucker
Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA
Coping with Information Overload in the New Interface Era
[paper] [slides]
Andrew D. Wilson
Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA
Some Musings On Building and Showing Future UI Prototypes

C. New Interaction Styles

Beverly L. Harrison
Intel Research Seattle
Moving Towards Naturalistic Interactions With Invisible Interfaces: Can "Digital Simplicity" Be Achieved?
[paper] [slides]
Thomas Pederson
Umea University, Sweden
Egocentric Interaction
[paper] [slides]
Brygg Ullmer
Louisiana State University
Core Tangibles and Tangible Visualizations: prospects for tangible convergence and divergence
[paper] [slides]
Amanda Parkes
MIT Media Laboratory
Computational Corporeality: Computers, Materials, and the Body
[paper] [slides]
Hayes Raffle
MIT Media Laboratory
The Future of Interface Design, Through a Child's Eyes
[paper] [slides]
Sile O'Modhrain
Queen's University, Belfast
Frames of Reference for Portable Device Interaction
[paper] [slides]
Chris Creed
University of Birmingham, UK
Russell Beale, University of Birmingham, UK
Embodied Interfaces: The Next Generation of HCI?
[paper] [slides]

D. New Interface Designs and Systems

Mike Bennett
UCD Dublin
Sile O'Modhrain, Queen's University, Belfast
Aaron Quigley, UCD Dublin
Here Or There Is Where? Haptic Egocentric Interaction With Topographic Torch
[paper] [slides]
Angela Chang
MIT Media Laboratory
Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Laboratory
Personalized Interactions with Reality Based Interfaces
[paper] [slides]
Darius Dadgari
York University, Toronto
Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, York University, Toronto
Ji-Young Oh, University of Arizona
Reality-Based Object Movement Techniques for 3D
[paper] [slides]
Desney S. Tan
Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA
Brain-Computer Interfaces: Applying our Minds to Human-Computer Interaction
[paper] [slides]
Jacob O. Wobbrock
Carnegie Mellon University
The Future of Mobile Device Research in HCI
[paper] [slides]
Frankie James
SAP Research, Palo Alto, CA
Federated Devices: Augmenting Mobility with Ambient Resources
[paper] [slides]
Timo Ropinski
University of Munster, Germany
Frank Steinicke, University of Munster, Germany
Klaus Hinrichs, University of Munster, Germany
Reflecting on the Potential of VR for the Future of HCI
[paper] [slides]
Thomas Riisgaard Hansen
University of Aarhus, Denmark
Jakob E. Bardram, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Mads Sogaard, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Pervasive Interaction - Using movement and speech to interact with computers
[paper] [slides]
Rebecca Lunsford
Natural Interaction Systems, Portland, OR
Ed Kaiser, Natural Interaction Systems, Portland, OR
Paulo Barthelmess, Natural Interaction Systems, Portland, OR
Xiao Huang, Natural Interaction Systems, Portland, OR
David McGee, Natural Interaction Systems
Managing Extrinsic Costs via Multimodal Natural Interaction Systems

E. Tools and Development Techniques

Bernd Bruegge
Technical University of Munich
Asa MacWilliams, Technical University of Munich
Asim Smailagic, Carnegie Mellon University
An Approach for Developing Ubiquitous Augmented Reality Systems
[paper] [slides]
Steven Dow
Georgia Institute of Technology
Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology
Reflecting on Production Tools and Methods for Mixed Reality Design
[paper] [slides]
Yang Li
University of Washington
James A. Landay, University of Washington and Intel Research Seattle
Exploring Activity-Based Computing: Interaction Styles, Models and Tool Support
[paper] [slides]

F. Other Issues and Innovations

Mar Marcos Molano
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Maria Luisa Garcia Guardia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Michael Santorum Gonzalez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
World of WarCraft, the role-playing game and the deconstruction of the classical model. The construction of environments and multiform narrations.
Chris Hofstader
An Argument for Using Techniques Found in Audio Games as the Next Generation of User Interfaces for Blind People
Fred Welter
Considering the Next Generation(s) of Human Computer Interface: A conceptual framework or theory

Special Guest

Ben Shneiderman
University of Maryland
A Second Path to HCI Innovation: Generative Theories Tied to User Needs

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