Ambrose Kofi Laing

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I am no longer with Tufts University -- You may contact me at the email address above.

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My research interests include algorithms relating to communication and routing problems in Parallel, Distributed and Mobile Computing environments. In the Dynamic Data Distribution problem we design algorithms for constructing communication substructures in a network required for balancing push and pull activity so that global communication is minimized. In the Compact Routing Problem we seek tradeoffs between memory and stretch for compact routing with topology-independent node names (both in directed and undirected graphs). In the Hypercube Permutation Routing problem we minimize the number of communication steps for parallel-routing an arbitrary permutation in a hypercube. The Deadlock-Free Routing problem requires that we minimize the number of buffers required per node to ensure deadlock-freedom in arbitrary networks. In the Structural Graceful Degradation problem we design interconnection structures that exhibit structural properties of fault-tolerance and graceful-degradation for pipeline networks. These problems are presented more formally in the papers below.

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