Workshop on Planning and Inference

One day workshop to be held with
AAAI 2018
2-3 February, 2018

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The workshop is focused on the problems of Stochastic Planning and Probabilistic Inference and the intimate connections between them. Both Planning and inference are core tasks in AI and the connections between them have been long recognized. However, much of the work in these subareas is disjoint. The last decade has seen many exciting developments with explicit constructions and reductions between planning and inference that aim for efficient algorithms for large scale problems and applications. The work in this area is is distributed across many conferences, sub-communities, and sub-topics and varies from discrete to continuous problems, single vs. multi-agent problems, general vs. spatial problems, propositional vs. relational problems, model based planning vs. reinforcement learning, and exact/optimal vs. approximate vs. heuristic solutions. Applications similarly vary for example from scheduling to sustainability and to robot control.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from all these areas and facilitate synergy and exchange of ideas: to discuss core ideas, techniques and algorithms that take advantage of the connection between planning and inference, identify opportunities and challenges for future work, and explore applications and how they can inform the development of such work.

The workshop will include invited talks by experts on planning and inference, contributed talks and a poster session, leaving room for discussion and interaction among participants.

The workshop topic is broad and the intention of this first workshop is to enable interaction among the various sub-areas while keeping the focus on the interaction between planning and inference. Some basic questions:

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All papers should clearly explain how the work relates planning and inference.

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Detailed program to be posted here closer to the workshop date. In the meantime, we are delighted to have exciting invited speakers:

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