Tasks in COMP 11

Submitting project pp1 (and all other projects)

To submit your first project, pp1, please do the following.
  1. Get a copy of the C++ file onto an Andante computer. If you developed it on Andanate, then it's already there.
  2. Compile it and test it thoroughly on Andante.
  3. When it's ready to submit, type the following:
    provide comp11 pp1 filename

    where filename is the name of the file that holds your program. The interpretation of the above line is as follows:
  4. The output from this 'provide' program should be self explanatory. But if not, ask a course assistant.

Changing the way that XEmacs interprets the Backspace

  • If you wish to instruct XEmacs to change it's interpretation of the backspace character, here is what to do. These instructions may only make sense to those with considerable experience with computers.
    1. Start up XEmacs and use "^X^F" to edit file: "~/.xemacs/init.el".
    2. If this fails, it may be that you do not have a directory named "~/.xemacs". Note that files and directories that begin with a period are normally hidden -- You dont see them unless you use the "-a" option with "ls", i.e., "ls -al". To create this directory, simply type:
      mkdir ~/.xemacs
      Now you should be able to edit "~/.xemacs/init.el".
    3. Either at the top or bottom of this file, enter the following line:
      (define-key global-map "\010" 'delete-backward-char)
      Be sure to type a "RETURN" at the end of the line.
    4. Exit XEmacs and start it up again.

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