Comp 80: Programming Languages
Department of Computer Science
Tufts University
Spring 2008


Reading assignments mention Chapter numbers and pages from the required textbook.

Type What Due Date
Reading Chapter 1  
Optional Reading Section 1.6 of Scott (overview of compilation) Week 1-2
Reading Chapter 2 and Section 3.2. Week 1-2
Quiz 1 (Jan 31) Topics include reading till this point as well as lecture material (compiler overview, regular expressions, DFAs, grammars)  
Reading Chapter 4, Sections 9.1-2, 9.5-7, Section 11.1-2.  
Programming Project 1:
a heap manager
html, postscript, pdf Thu 2/7
Reading Chapter 9 (read remaining sections)  
Recommended Reading Ch.2 from Ullman's ML text (skip lists 2.4.3-2.4.6) and/or Pucella's sml/nj (on-line) manual till page 29  
Programming Project 2:
Simple ML Programming
postscript, pdf Tue 2/19
Quiz 2 (Feb 14) Topics include reading and lecture material since the last quiz (names/scope/binding, static/stack/heap allocation, argument passing, basic ML)  
Reading Chapter 5  
Recommended Reading Finish Ch.2 and read Ch. 3.1-3.5 from Ullman's ML text  
Reading Chapter 7 (you may skip 7.6)  
Programming Project 3:
Working with ML lists (Big Integers)
html, postscript, pdf Thu 3/6
Midterm (March 4) Topics include all reading and lecture material until this point.  
Reading Chapter 11 (read remaining sections)  
Reading Section 7.7 of Scott (dangling pointers; garbage collection)  
Recommended Reading Sections 5.4-5.6 from Ullman's ML text  
Programming Project 4:
Garbage collection using reference counts
html , postscript , pdf Tue 4/1
Quiz 3 (Mar 27) Topics include reading and lecture material for: ML lists, ML higher order functions, and memory management (Chapter 11 and Scott 7.7)  
Reading Sections 15.1, 15.2  
Recommended Reading Chapter 1 and Section 2.6.2 from Bratko's Prolog text  
Programming Project 5:
Higher order functions in ML and beginning Prolog
html , postscript , pdf Thu 4/17
Reading Section 16.6 of Scott text. Note: this part of the text is on the CD that comes with the book. A printed version of the relevant pages 166CD-176CD is part of the reserve materials for the course in the library.
Recommended Reading Slides written by Prof. Guyer on lambda calculus and semantics.  
Quiz 4 (April 17). Topics include reading and lecture material for: Prolog basics, using terms and unification algorithm, and the lambda-calculus  
Reading Chapter 8 (mainly 8.4)  
Programming Project 6:
Programming in Prolog
html , postscript , pdf Mon 4/28
Reading Chapter 13: 13.1, 13.2, 13.4