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2011/2012   I'll be serving on the program committees for PLDI 2012 and OOPSLA 2012
April 2011   Final version of our OOPSLA 2011 paper "Asynchronous Assertions"
November, 2010   Sean Kelley receives Honorable Mention in the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards for his work on Heapviz
July, 2010   "Heapviz: Interactive Heap Visualization for Program Understanding and Debugging"
accepted to SOFTVIS 2010. see final paper
May, 2010   "What Can the GC Compute Efficiently? A Language for Heap Assertions at GC Time"
accepted to OOPSLA 2010. see final paper
March 11, 2010   First release of Elephant Tracks, our own GC tracing tool based on the Merlin agorithm
January, 2010   "Breadcrumbs: Efficient Context Sensitivity for Dynamic Bug Detection Analyses"
accepted to PLDI 2010. see final paper


COMP 11 -- Introduction to Computer Science -- Spring 2010 • Spring 2011

COMP 181 -- Compilers -- Fall 2011Fall 2009Fall 2008Fall 2006Fall 2005

COMP 80 -- Programming Languages -- Spring 2009 • Spring 2007

COMP 150 -- Implementation of Modern Programming Languages -- Spring 2007Spring 2006


I work in a variety of different areas of programming language research, including compilers, optimizations, program analysis, and run-time systems.

• See my research group RedLine Research and full list of publications


• Dynamic Bug Detection

The goal of this project is to develop new tools to help programmers detect and diagnose bugs at run-time. We're looking at new ways to specify desired properties, check those properties, and report useful debugging information. GC Assertions in PLDI 2009, Origin Tracking in OOPSLA 2007, Breadcrumbs in PLDI 2010.

• Storage optimization

This project explores novel techniques for optimizing memory management and usage, including object and container representation, and garbage collection. Free Me in PLDI 2006, Dynamic Object Colocation in OOPSLA 2004.

• Static analysis for security

Precise and scalable static analysis for compile-time detection of bugs and security vulnerabilities. Client-driven Analysis in SCP 2005, my dissertation. Also: I consult for Veracode

• Library-level optimization

My dissertation focuses on providing compiler support for libraries. Broadway compiler in IEEE, Library-level optimization in LCPC 2000, and my dissertation.

• Related projects

DaCapo ProjectDaCapo Benchmark SuiteUT DaCapoSpeedwayJikesRVMBroadway CompilerQVM (at IBM)


• Students

Eddie Aftandilian -- dynamic bug detection
Nathan Ricci -- storage optimization
Sean Kelley -- software visualization
Adam Lewis -- discrete event simulation
Robert Dockins -- Now a Ph.D. student at Princeton
Brandon Lucia -- Now a PhD student at U of Washington

• Collaborators

Kathryn S. McKinley (UT)Gary Sevitsky (IBM)Eran Yahav (IBM)Martin VechevMike Bond (Ohio State)Yannis Smaragdakis (UMass)Steve Blackburn (ANU)Emery Berger (UMass)Calvin Lin (UT)Daniel Jimenez (UTSA)


Program committees: PLDI 2010 (external PC)CGO 2010VEE 2010VEE 2009VEE 2007PPPJ 2006PACT 2005
NEPLS Spring 2007 Program chair
Web-master for ASPLOS 2004.



• Family

Aliza Guyer: Photographer and mother extraordinaire!
Jonah Guyer (aka "Jonah-bear", "Shallot", "T-Bone")
Bernard "Pops" Guyer at Johns-Hopkins School of Public Health
Jane Guyer at Johns-Hopkins Department of Anthropology
Kate Fennell at Bearing Point, Inc.
Bill Fennell at KSI Services
William Fennel VI (not yet employed)
Nate Guyer at USDA
Amanda Guyer at UC Davis
Hannah Guyer (also unemployed)
Owen Guyer (do you even need to ask?)

• Friends

Joanna Parham (Hardin Construction) • Emery Berger (UMass) • Yannis Smaragdakis (UMass) • Brendon Cahoon (Intel) • Daniel Jimenez (UTSA) • Ram Mettu (UMass) • Mark Kriegsman (Veracode) • Brian Black (Veracode) • Brooke Mohnkern • Phoebe Weidmann (Australia) • Jeff Thomas • Nils Reker (MaK) and Melanie Butcher • Andrew Frasca (October Handmade Bikes) • George Preble (Tufts) • Kim Hazelwood (UVa) • Lisa Lowy and Marc Chiarini • Scott Kaplan • Steve Henn • Xianglong Huang

Other interests

• Woodworking

Jonah's Crib: my blog documents the process. The crib was finally finished on July 12, 2009.

Fine Woodworking magazine • RocklerWoodworker's SupplyTarget CoatingsAmerican TurbineSpecialty SuppliesJoe Woodworker veneers

• Rock collecting

Boston Mineral mineral database

• Swimming

FINAUS Masters Swimming

• Food

Cook's IllustratedYelpChowhoundCommon Kitchen

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