Donna Slonim  
BCB Group
In spring 2024, I am teaching CS 167: Introduction to Computational Biology

This is a course for upper level computer science students with an interest in learning about algorithms for handling real world problems in molecular biology. Here you will learn about practical uses for many of the theoretical concepts covered in other courses.

Since this course is aimed at senior computer science students, we assume that you have more programming background than just CS 15 will give you - either a 100-level CS course, or CS 40, plus comfort coding in Python. We also assume that you have seen basic algorithm analysis, as covered in the introductory undergraduate CS sequence. There are no particular biology prerequisites other than interest in the topic, although some optional background reading may be helpful for those with less biological knowledge.

Courses I have previously taught include:

CS 7 / Bio 40: Bioinformatics
CS 11: Introduction to Computer Science
CS 15: Data Structures
CS 167: Introduction to Computational Biology
CS 169 / DS 154: Statistical Bioinformatics
CS 250-BIO: Research in Computational Biology
CS 250-BNS: Biological Networks and Systems

I have also lectured in many other classes, including:

Biology 16: Bioscience Seminar,
BME 162: Molecular Biotechnology,
BioE 291: Bioengineering Seminar,
Physiology 245: Bioinformatics and Genomics in Biomedical Research, and
Genetics 203: Cancer Genetics