Donna Slonim  
BCB Group
In spring 2023, I am teaching CS 167: Introduction to Computational Biology. This course requires at least CS 15 and either CS 40 or a 100-level computer science course as a prerequisite. We expect at least some understanding of algorithm analysis and programming skills somewhere between the CS 15 and CS 40 levels. (CS 40 is not a prerequisite.) There are no biological prerequisites, but you should be interested in learning and willing to do some extra reading, especially if you haven't thought about biology since high school.

Courses I have previously taught include:

CS 7 / Bio 40: Bioinformatics
CS 11: Introduction to Computer Science
CS 15: Data Structures
CS 152 / DS 154: Statistical Bioinformatics
CS 167: Introduction to Computational Biology
CS 250-BIO: Research in Computational Biology
CS 250-BNS: Biological Networks and Systems

I have also lectured in many other classes, including:

Biology 16: Bioscience Seminar,
BME 162: Molecular Biotechnology,
BioE 291: Bioengineering Seminar,
Physiology 245: Bioinformatics and Genomics in Biomedical Research, and
Genetics 203: Cancer Genetics