soha hassoun


Computer Science (primary)
Chemical & Biological Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Tufts University




Computational Systems

Modeling and Design

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Medford, MA 02155
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Hassoun Lab

Machine Learning + Systems Biology

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Collaborating Labs

PI: Nikhil U. Nair, Tufts University
The Nair Lab is focused on Synthetic Biology and Systems Bioengineering. We have collaborated on developing tools to aid in bioengineering.

PI: Liping Liu, Tufts University
Prof. Liping's lab is focused on probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian deep learning, spatial data modeling, and text modeling. We are currently collaborating on building analysis tools for metabolomics and bioengineering.

PI: Mike Hughes, Tufts University
Prof. Hughes lab is focused on Bayesian hierarchical models, optimization algorithms for approximate inference, model fairness and interpretability, and applications in medicine and the sciences. We are currently collaborating on building tools for metabolomics and bioengineering.

PI: Kyongbum Lee, Tufts University
The Lee Lab is focused on host-microbe interactions and cell-based bioprocesses.  We have collaborated on tool development for bioengineering and for metabolomics analysis.

PI: James Van Deventer, Tufts University
The Van Deventer laboratory is interested in using biomolecular engineering and chemical biology to target and disrupt molecular processes in complex diseases. We have recently developed a machine learning pipeline for comaprative feature analysis of antibody sequences.