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Computer Science (primary)
Chemical & Biological Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Computational Systems

Modeling and Design

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Machine Learning + Systems Biology

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My vision is that all (student and faculty) should have plenty of opportunities to learn, practice their profession, be integrated within their communities, be authentic to themselves, and thrive, regardless of roadblocks, be it societal or self-imposed. My service efforts are guided by this vision.

With strong support from ACM SIGDA and the Electronic Design Automation Community, I founded and organized several hallmark events for the EDA community:
  • PhD Forum at DAC to connect PhD students with researchers in the field
    Founded in 1997. Overseer: 1997-2002. Started with 10 submissions in 1997, and now there are tens of annual submissions. 300-500 annual attendees. Held annually at DAC
  • Design Automation Summer School to expose students to the broader field of EDA
    Founded in 2001. Overseer in 2001, 2005, and 2007. 60+ annual participants. Now hosted every 2 or 3 years at DAC
  • CADathlon - A Hackathon, before hackathons were a thing
    Founded in 2003. Overseer 2003-2007. 15+ annual competing teams. Still hosted annually at ICCAD
  • Work in Progress session at DAC - Founded this first-ever poster session at DAC as technical program co-chair in 2012 to increase interaction between conference attendees. 80+ annual presentations. 400+ annual attendees

More recently, I founded and organized programs for the Bio Design Community:
  • Workshop on Bio Design Automation to connect the Bio and EDA communities
    Founded 2009. 75+ annual attendees. Hosted in different locations annually
  • Workshop on Microbiomics, Metagenomics, and Metabolomics to promote computational work in these areas
    Founded in 2017. Hosted at ACM BCB. 60+ Attendees. Organized again in 2019

I serve on the board for The Computing Research Association’s Committee on Widening Participation in Computing Research (CRA-WP). I co-organize the CREU program, and participate in several of the CRA-WP mentoring events at the Grace Hopper Conference, Grad Cohort events, or Mid-Career Mentoring workshops.

For a complete listing of service, please see my CV.