Windows Lab Scanning Instructions

In Halligan 122, there is a scanner hooked up to the very front computer in the room (although it is currently facing the computer behind it). To scan an assignment:

  1. Log in to the computer connected to the scanner. If you have never logged in to Windows before, try using your ID number as an initial password.
  2. Put the assignment paper in the scanner and press the "File" button on the scanner; the button looks like a file cabinet.
  3. The scanner's HP Scanner" should launch automatically and run the scan for you.
  4. Press scan then ok to start the job.
  5. The file will be placed in your documents in the sub directory "My Scans"
  6. After the scan is finished, an explorer window should popup and show you your file.
  7. Save it wherever is convenient for you.
  8. To get it to a Linux machine where you can submit it, it may be simplest to put it on a flash drive or to email it to yourself.

SmartPhone Scanning Apps

There are also a variety of smartphone apps for scanning documents. Genius Scan for iOS is a particularly good app for this purpose.

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