COMP 105 Homework

Assignment for impcore (also in PDF): Introduction; imperative core; unit-testing; ASTs and environments. Due Wednesday, September 14.

Assignment for opsem (also in PDF): Operational semantics; metatheory. Due Wednesday, September 21.

Assignment for scheme (also in PDF): Scheme: Recursive programming with lists. Due Wednesday, September 28.

Assignment for hofs (also in PDF): Scheme II: first-class and higher-order functions, continuation passing, semantics. Due Wednesday, October 12.

Assignment for ml (also in PDF): Introduction to ML. Due Sunday, October 23.

Assignment for typesys (also in PDF): Type systems. Due Saturday, November 12.

Assignment for ml-inf (also in PDF): ML type inference. Due Monday, November 21.

Assignment for small (also in PDF): Smalltalk: Object-oriented programming. Due Sunday, December 4.

Assignment for sml (also in PDF): Standard ML Modules. Due Sunday, December 11.