COMP 105 Office Hours

All TAs can answer questions about the technical material in the course.

Grad TAs Jared Chandler or Jerett Sierad handle all grading queries. Jerett's office hours on Monday from 12-2 are specifically devoted to grading questions.

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
11am Kathleen Dylan  
12pm Jerett-Grading Dylan Alex Arthur  
1pm Jerett-Grading Jared Naomi Matt Ethan  
2pm Kathleen/Jared Naomi Matt Ethan  
3pm Dariusz Arthur Dariusz Sid  
4pm Dariusz Josh Dariusz Sid  
5pm Dariusz Josh Matt  
6pm Eli Matt  
7pm Eli Alex Alex  
8pm Remy Cori Alex  
9pm Remy Dariusz Cori        

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