COMP 105 Recitations: Spring 2016

Purpose and Structure

Comp105 is a challenging course both because it covers a lot of material and because it is an “insight” class that requires you to understand new ideas and techniques before you can make progress. Recitation helps with both of these challenges. Each recitation will give you another view on the material for the week along with practice working with others in your recitation on relevant exercises. Recitations also provide a place where you can ask questions in a smaller group than main lecture. Attendance and active engagement in recitations counts towards the class participation portion of your grade.


Notes for the week's recitation are posted after all recitations have met. They are available on a separate page.


Recitations start the week of January 25. We offer recitations in eight different time slots, all of which take place on either Thursday or Friday. Each time slot is capacity limited by the allocated room and by a desire to keep each recitation small in size. You can register for recitation in SIS. You should plan on attending the same recitation every week so that you come to know your recitation leader and fellow students.

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