Comp 11

Spring 2018 Course Calendar

The course (tentative) calendar below contains (or will contain) links to lecture notes, assignments, and solutions. If there is an error or if I have forgotten to add material or activate a link, please let me know. Schedule changes will be announced in class and on the course Piazza forum.

Unless otherwise stated, assignments are due by midnight of the due dates. Thus, if an assignment is due on some date, the last valid time stamp on the file would be 23:59 of that date.


If you're in a waiting list section, I'm hoping we can take you. I'm working with our administrative staff to make sure that we have the resources for all students.

Please check your Tufts email, including your spam folder, in case you've received a message about enrolling.

For enromment problems, please see the Megan in the CS Department office on the second floor of Halligan.

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Last Modified 2018-Apr-25