Tufts COMP 117 (Fall 2020):
Internet-scale Distributed Systems


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COMP 117 Assignments
Assignment Description Dates
E-mail: Introduce yourself Send an e-mail introducing yourself Assigned: Sep 08
Due: Sep 10
Enroll in Piazza Sign up for Piazza for COMP 117 Assigned: Sep 08
Due: Sep 10
Reading: Weaving the Web Read selected sections of "Weaving the Web" by Tim Berners-Lee, and answer questions Assigned: Sep 08
Due: Dec 01
Reading: End-to-End Arguments and Internet Architecture Read:
  1. End-to-End paper
  2. Interview with Paul Baran
...and answer questions.
Assigned: Sep 10
Preliminary due: Sep 17 (4 PM)
Final due: Sep 24
Learning HTML and CSS Prepare and publish a Web page using HTML and CSS, but without using JavaScript Assigned: Sep 15
Due: Sep 22
Internet & TCP/IP Overview Readings on TCP/IP Assigned: Sep 17
Due: Sep 24 (4 PM)
No questions - reading only
Using virtual servers Make sure you can log onto COMP117-01 and COMP117-02 (see info page hints) Assigned: Sep 22
Due: Sep 29
Reading: Naming, RFCs and URIs Read articles on telephone and Web naming ...and answer questions. Assigned: Sep 24
* First set of questions preliminary submission: Oct 01 (4:30 PM)
* both sets of questions preliminary: Oct 08 (4:30 PM)
* Final submission of both sets: Oct 10
Datagram framework Modify "ping" sample and learn COMP 117 framework Assigned: Sep 24
Due: Oct 04
File copy Use end-to-end w/UDP to copy files Assigned: Sep 29
End-to-end check due: Oct 13
File copy due: Oct 20
Reading: Distribution Models and HTTP Read papers on distributed systems & HTTP Assigned: Oct 06
Due: Oct 13 (4 PM)
No questions for now Some short questions may be posted later
RPC Create a Remote Procedure Call system Assigned: Oct 27
Learn code and small mods by: Nov 04
Hand built proxes by: Nov 10
Final Submission Due: Nov 24 (see suggested schedule in assignment notes)
Security Read: Ken Thompson's Reflections on Trusting Trust and Maru paper on Cheating Assigned: Oct 29
Trusting Trust paper Due: 4:30 PM Nov 05.
Maru paper (cheating) Due: 4:30 PM Nov 12
Reading: Postel's Law Do readings on Postel's Law Assigned: Oct 29
Due: Nov 19 (4 PM)
No questions for now...may add a few simple ones later.
Reading: From Documents to Applications Do readings on Rule of Least Power and Identifying Application State Assigned: Oct 29
Due: Dec 01 (4 PM)
No questions...may add a few simple ones later.
Final Project Final Project: Paper on subject of your choice Assigned: Nov 08
Due: End of day Dec 12

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There is no guarantee that such prelisted assignments won't be substantially changed, rescheduled, or even canceled entirely. You're welcome to start thinking about such future assignments if you like, but any work you do on them is at your own risk.

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