COMP15 Spring 2018
Data Structures
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A second course in computer science. Data structures and algorithms are studied through major programming projects in the C++ programming language. Topics include linked lists, trees, graphs, dynamic storage allocation, and recursion.

Aka: Data Abstractions Every Working Programmer Must Know: Their Use, Implementation, and Performance

The major topics within the course include:

Some Experience Required

COMP15 expects that students have taken COMP 11, our Introduction to Computer Science course. We'll pick up right where COMP11 left off -- with classes, pointers, and recursion.

If you've taken COMP11 but feel rusty or shaky, especially on topics that came towards the end of the semester, don't worry about it. We'll do some review in class, and make sure that we're all starting off on the same foot with the first lab and homework assignment.

If you haven't taken COMP11, COMP15 may or may not be for you. You might have taken AP computer science in high school, and if you did well in it, that's great! But that class was probably taught in Java, and C++ is a different kettle of beans. If you don't know about pointers, memory allocation/deallocation, and Unix, then you'll have to learn those skills in Comp 15. It's doable, but it will be substantially more work for the first 3 weeks or so while you catch up on those topics.

You can also give Comp 15 a try for a week and then switch to Comp 11 if there is space. But you won't be able to switch into Comp 15 after a week or so — that extra work will have piled up by then.

Trying to Enroll?

COMP15 enrollment prioritizes first-years and sophomores, as well as computer-science majors. If you are unable to register for the course but still want to take it, please come to class on the first day and we'll see what the registration numbers are really like at that point.

Before Class Begins

Our first day of class is January 18th, and the first lab begins the following week. Before the first lab begins, you'll need to set up CS unix account (assuming you already have a UTLN).

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