Welcome to CS 15!

CS 15 is all about building your programming toolkit. The tools are data structures, the means by which we store, organize, and access data. We will implement and utilize the key data structures and algorithms that every programmer must know, learn about the useful abstractions that they provide, and study the costs in time and space associated with them.

The structure and assignments of this course are based largely on prior versions of the course taught by Mark Sheldon, Chris Gregg, and Ben Hescott. The website design is from Megan Monroe. Thank you!

Course Information

Course Policies: All students are expected to know and adhere to our course policies. Please take the time to read our admin page in full.

Prerequisites: Comp 11 or consent of instructor.

Textbook: No purchase required. We will regularly post online readings from Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis by Clifford A. Shaffer .

Instructor: Milod Kazerounian
Email: milod@cs.tufts.edu
Office: Halligan 241
Office Hours:
Our gradiate TAs are Matt Russell and Ethan Harvey. Our teaching fellows are CR Calabrese, Pippa Hodgkins, Alessandra Jacimovic, and Spencer Ha. We also have an army of undergraduate teaching assistants who will hold office hours in TBA. Schedules for the undergraduate assistants are posted and will be regularly updated on our course forum, Piazza.

Lecture Section 1: (Mon/Wed) 1:30pm - 2:45pm
Location: Barnum Hall, Room 008

Lecture Section 2: (Mon/Wed) 4:30 - 5:45pm
Location: Robinson Wing SEC, Room 253