COMP15 Spring 2018
Data Structures
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COMP15 C++ Styleguide

Follow the styleguide for your homeworks and projects.

COMP15 Guides

We've gathered materials on some important concepts we'll use in COMP15. Some of these will be new, and some will be refreshers from COMP11 material, just in case we need them!

Exam Review Sheets

COMP15 Practice Problems and Handouts

Random Programming Resources

Below are a handful of resources to consider while writing your homework. There are many more useful tips and tricks for thinking computationally and writing good C++ code, so feel free to take a look around on the internet for good ideas. If you find a good (great?) resource, post it on piazza so your classmates can learn from it, too!

Writing Code for This Class

You will do your work for COMP15 with the Linux computers at Halligan Hall. You can use the workstations in the labs, and you can connect to the servers over the Internet.

Software To Install

You do not need your own computer for COMP15. The computers in the labs in Halligan Hall have all the software you need for the course. If you plan to work from your own computer, you need a remote-connection program.

Working Remotely

If you're logging into the Halligan machines using the Terminal (Mac) or puTTy (Windows),here's what you need to do:

Sublime Setup

Emacs Tab Setup

Is Emacs your editor of choice? We like it too, but the default tab settings aren't great --when you hit 'tab', it puts in an actual tab instead of 4 or 8 spaces. Spaces are much better. Here's how to fix it: Save the file, and you're done! Be careful to only edit the text itself and not the spaces or tabs in the .emacs file.

What to do about "Disk Quota Exceeded"

A common problem that comes up when working on the Halligan servers is getting the error "Disk Quota Exceeded" when attempting to create folders / other files. Here's a few tips: Save the file, and you're done!

How to recover old files (sometimes)

Something go wrong when saving your file? You might be able to recover it!

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