COMP 150BD - Homework 4

Note: The web pages have been inaccessible due to a systems problem, so the due date has been moved to the 14th.

Due Tuesday, 14 October, 11:30 PM

Go to the "Student Pages" section of this web site and read what others have written about big data and the problems encountered. Pick three of the pages and propose some solutions to problems, giving pros and cons of your solutions. Read all the pages, but start with the one alphabetically after yours and going around to the beginning when you reach the end. You don't need to comment on the first three you read, but this method will make it less likely that everyone will comment on the same pages. You should read everyone's page so you can participate in discussions.

When you're done, submit your writeup using

provide comp150bd hw4 filename

Plaintext is preferred for the file, with PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Word being acceptable in that order.