Comp150CPA Homework Exercise 6: Business Process Modeling


In groups of 2-5 people, please create a BPMN model that describes the business process for a web-based auction such as Ebay. Include pools for user, auction, and payment service (e.g., Paypal). Describe item selection, bidding, and payment.


For this assignment, it is much easier to work with Eclipse because it will repair your errors. You will need the BPMN plugin available at either
for Eclipse 3.6.* or
For Eclipse 3.5.* (recommended). Install everything.

Note: the previous download I recommended:
wasn't complete enough to run. It generates exceptions unless the whole SOA package is installed. These exceptions persist for projects created before installing the whole package. So you should delete anything you created before downloading this.

Then, create an empty generic project via

and create a BPMN diagram inside the project via
File/New/Other.../Other/Bpmn Diagram

Submitting completed assignments

Alas, the new submission system is not working yet and we will submit this one as a saved file. Click here to fill out a form that -- when submitted -- generates a printable form that can be saved to a file, e.g., hw06.html. Save your design as an image:

  1. Open the graphical designer.
  2. Click on the white background.
  3. Select "File/Save as image...".
  4. Save as a jpg file, e.g., hw06.jpg.
Transfer this to the suns or linux. Please submit that to provide using:
provide comp150cpa hw06submit hw06.html hw06.jpg
Completed assignments will be printed, graded by hand, and scanned back into the system. The assignment is due on Wed night Apr 20, 2010 at 11 pm.