Comp150CPA: Clouds and Power-Aware Computing
Quiz 2 -- April 27, 2011 -- Closed book

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  1. (20 points) Explain why an arbitrarily chosen key/value distributed hash table is not automatically suitable for running Map/Reduce algorithms.

  2. (20 points) Draw a BPMN diagram for the following situation: a customer buys a scooter from, which asks a credit-card company to verify credit-card information, after which it either voids the sale (if the credit card is not good) or ships the scooter (if the sale is authorized).
  3. (20 points) Employees at a company work 35 hour weeks for a total cost to the company of $100,000 a year each. Company sales average $1000/hour on average during a regular work day. Based upon this, what is the cost of an hour of downtime during working hours?

  4. (40 points) Please fill in the blanks:
    1. Part of BPMN can be converted to BPEL by ________1________ the nature of communications between processes. Unlike BPEL, however, BPMN also documents the behavior of ________2________ elements of the business, which cannot be documented in like manner.
    2. The reason that BPEL (and BPMN) are written in XML is not because that is a human-friendly language, but rather, because XML has pre-existing mechanisms for defining the ________3________ of XML fragments (using XSchemas) and for ________4________ XML documents for desired keywords (using XPATH).
    3. A complexType in an Xschema describes an XML element that contains ________5________. An Xschema restriction facet makes a text type match ________6________ than its base string type.
    4. The reason that Xschemas are used in implementing SOAP services is to ________7________ against invalid data being used as a SOAP query. This means that the code that implements the service will ________8________ only if input matches.