Comp150CPA: Clouds and Power-Aware Computing
Classroom Exercise 12
SOAP and Axis
Spring 2011

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In class we have explored how to convert a Plain-Old-Java-Object (POJO) into a web service with Axis. Let's explore that in more detail.

  1. Why does the services.xml file for Axis make you explicitly list each Java method that should become a service?

  2. Why does Axis force you to deploy the service before writing the client for it?
  3. List the ways that services might compete as business propositions, and give reasons why you might choose one service over another for an application.

  4. What kinds of things can go wrong if your program dynamically chooses one of several available services -- all with the same interface -- to provide some function.

  5. (Advanced) What kinds of java objects would not be appropriate to expose via Axis services? Why?