Comp150CPA Message 0024.txt from Alva L. Couch(couch)

You can use *my* instance of rebl in the following way: 
a) ssh to (you have access). 
b) run /usr/couch/bin/rebl (my local copy). 
It was a bit of a pain to get this running so feel free
to use mine! 

P.S. I'm an idiot!  The following rebl works fine: 

rebl> table :something, [:foo, :bar] => [:cat]
rebl> something <= [['alva', 'max', 1]]
rebl> something <= [['alva', 'george', 1]]
rebl> stdio <~ something.inspected
rebl> /tick
["alva", "max", 1]
["alva", "george", 1]

One can't just run stuff through stdio uninspected, 
because that will assert an artificial key relationship
on the first term of each tuple! 


Last changed Tue May 10 17:38:06 2011