Comp150CPA: Clouds and Power-Aware Computing
Quiz 2 Review
Spring 2011

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My quizzes concentrate upon broad understanding and in-class exercises. Problems will be similar to those on the exercises. My quizzes -- by definition -- concentrate on "what things mean" and not on broader impacts; you will not see a so-called "advanced" question on the quiz! I will be emphasizing the following issues from lectures dated 03/09/2011 and beyond:

Here are some sample questions of the kind I am planning:

  1. Please fill in the blanks: in designing a service, one must remember that Map/Reduce is not designed for ________1________ use, and that one must typically store the results of a M/R query in a ________2________ instead. In employing a distributed hash table in a cloud application, one must remember that it is typically difficult to employ ________3________ in a DHT. Thus a major part of cloud design is to arrange to ________4________ between the two storage formats.
  2. Please describe what kinds of data needed (in order to program an application) are not coded into a BPMN diagram.
  3. Please fill in the blanks: the difference between orchestration and choreography is that orchestration specifies the ________5________ sequence of events, while choreography specifies ________6________ interactions. The true need for choreography arises from the fact that in BPEL, there is no well-defined notion of a ________7________.
  4. Please fill in the blanks: an ECA model contains ________8________ that describe what happened, ________9________ that describe the nature of that, and ________10________ that describe what to do in that case.
  5. While programmers see the cloud as easing programming, business decision-makers see it as a way of reassigning ________11________ to another party. This is not a perfect solution, however, because public clouds cannot presently guarantee the ________12________ that they claim.