COMP 150DAO-Dataflow Analysis and Optimization
Spring 2010

Time: MW 1:30–3:30 (two hours, not a misprint)
Place: Halligan 108
Home page:
Instructor: Norman Ramsey, Halligan Extension 006
The aim of this course is to discover something new about dataflow analysis and optimization. The course is motivated by some work I have been doing with John Dias and Simon Peyton Jones on new ways to express dataflow analysis and compiler optimizations that use dataflow analysis. We believe that we have a new perspective on the problem that will make it possible to write analyses that are very simple and clean, and that reflect the way we like to *think* about dataflow. For more about this new perspective, you can read our [draft paper](

This was the original plan, which did not survive the first week of class:

At some point we will get into hope everybody will be up to the same speed, researchy topics. For example,


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